9 MM 1911's ??
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Thread: 9 MM 1911's ??

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    9 MM 1911's ??

    Does anyone own and shoot one? I'm toying with the idea of getting one in the future, but I've heard they can be somewhat temperamental as far as ammo, and reliable functioning. Also I've heard they can be finicky with magazines. Springfield Armory makes a really nice Stainless model, and Rock Island Armory also makes them in a couple of different configurations.

    The ammo cost is a big plus with them. For someone who really enjoys shooting a 1911, you can do a lot more of it in 9 MM, than with .45 ACP. It is also substantially cheaper to handload for. I've heard nothing but good about the Rock Island guns. Everyone I've talked to who owns one has nothing but praise for both the quality, as well as the functionability of them. Some people shy away from them because they are made in the Philippines, but many of the current line of the Springfield 1911's are made in Brazil by Imbel.

    Armscor who manufacturers the Rock Island Armory line is known as one of the top firearms manufacturers in the world. I have also heard that the Philippine Army is outfitted with 1911's built by Armscor. They sure as hell represent a fantastic value for the money. Most are priced in the high $300.00 range for the standard Mil-Spec version, to the mid $400.00 price point for the Tactical Models that have the goodies like a skeletonized hammer, and Novak sights.

    Anyway, I just wondered if anyone on the board has some 9 MM 1911 experience they could pass along, good or bad. Bill T.

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    My dad has two of them. Both are Springfield Armory. One is an EMP but don't remember what the other one was. I do remember that they both shot well and never heard anything bad about them. I'll be going shooting with him this week hopefully so I'll find out what the other one was.

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    I have a 9mm 1911-type (I say "type" because I consider a true 1911 to be .45 ACP). It's a 1953 Star B (from Spain) that I picked up a while ago. Shoots great and the relatively small round in a large, all-metal pistol like that means minimal recoil. The 5" barrel gets the most out of the 9mm round. I bought it mostly as kind of an antique but, despite it's age, I see no reason why it couldn't be used as an EDC by those who prefer full-sized pistols.

    Eventually I will get around to acquiring a "real" 1911
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    I've never shot the Springers or Rock Islands that you mentioned, but I have a Dan Wesson Pointman 9 that I LOVE. It's a pleasure to shoot for all the normal reasons people like shooting 1911s, only cheaper to operate.

    I take a lot of new folks to the range and recently started teaching NRA pistol classes, and shooters new & experienced alike seem to love this gun. I start them out with a .22 and then move them up to this and a Smith M&P9 (or a range rental of whatever they may be interested in) so they can get a feel for both styles, and I can't remember anyone not liking the 9mm 1911 the best. It seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of people, regardless of size or gender. If you're looking to share the gun with someone else or get them into shooting, this configuration seems accessible to a lot of people. I'm not huge and not tiny (6', 195-200 lbs), am not recoil-averse (I love the .44 mag), but this hits that sweet spot for me of affordability and all-day shootability.

    The only things I changed were just personal preference items: I hate full-length guide rods, so I put a gov't length one in and a solid plug so I can take it down without a bushing wrench. I also replaced the skeletonized trigger with a solid one, both because I don't want extra places for crap to accumulate in & interfere with a really important part of the gun, and because I like the look better. Other than that it was good to go out of the box. I like it so much that I'm going to buy another one, their Guardian in 9mm, for carry (mine is full-sized, the guardian is a bobtail Commander).

    As always, YMMV.


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    I don't remember the make, but I've fired a 9mm 1911 that a buddy had and I really liked it. It was very mild on recoil. Easy to shoot. I liked it so much that I added a 9mm 1911 to my acquire list.

    I picked up a .22lr 1911 on a great deal and it like it as well. Real negligible in the recoil department and it looks and functions just like a standard 1911. Made by GSG and imported by ATI. While a 9mm 1911 is cheap to shoot, just think how cheap a .22lr 1911 is to shoot.
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  7. Billt,

    Any 1911 can be picky on ammo as can any other pistol out there. The key is try a few different kinds and load types to see what it prefers then stick with it.

    The 9mm 1911's are gaining popularity with folks who want the 1911 and simply cannot afford to shoot 45ACP. I've had two different 9mm 1911's with excellent luck on both. I kept them religiously cleaned and well oiled as my 45 build got a bit temper-mental due to overtuning it.

    If you can, shop around for a bit and don't limit yourself locally, spread out your wings a bit and see what is out there, who knows what might wind up following you home. I stumbled upon a Rock Island the other day that had a lot of factory upgrades for about $450 at a local shop, but only because a coworker said he wanted one.

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    Get yourself a Glock 17 instead. It is boringly reliable and you can also shoot IDPA and GSSF matches with it.

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    9MM 1911s

    I have owned a Springfield Armory EMP for about 5 years. I love it. I have put at least a 1000 rounds down range with it and the only malfunction was when I used Wolf brand ammo. It got real dirty. And "Yes" I do carry it concealed. With a good holster and a good belt, no problems.

  10. I've got an STI Spartan in 9mm. Not gotten to shoot it a whole lot yet but new out of the box it feed my 124gr. LRN handloads, no prob.

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    Buy the Rock You won't be disappointed, About 1500 rounds through mine, Love it. Have a Colt Combat Commander in 9mm but it's a safe queen.
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