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Thread: 9mm vs 380acp

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    ...that's another thing I like about picking up the Kahr p380 as my option 2 gun, mental preparation is minimal. Ergonomics and everything about design are identical to my pm9, it's just smaller for deeper concealment ability when necessary. Shouldn't take a whole lot of getting used to...

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    Forget the .380 as a primary defensive weapon. Nothing smaller than a .38 or 9mm.

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    It sounds more "gangsta" to say you are carrying a nine instead of a .380.

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    I have a Sig P238 (.380) and a Colt New Agent (9mm). The loaded 3" Colt weighs nearly twice as much as the loaded P238 and is more difficult to conceal in an OWB holster. Unless I'm wearing a jacket, I prefer to carry the Sig P238 because it's the easiest to conceal well. The P238 is also easy to carry in a pocket holster or in a SmartCarry...although draws from either of these holsters require much more practice than draws from belt holsters.

  6. Ptoblem Solved

    Kel Tec is a little pickey on ammo try critical defense or power ball they'll zip right through and both expand very well and the printing is no problem with the gun. so if the jamming is the problem just get new ammo and keep both guns you'll regret gettin rid of either gun

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    I have a Kel Tel to and like you I hate it. IT fail to fire and feed a lot. I have don't use it at all. I now have a Ruger LAP and a Ruger SR9C. I love both. The ammo for 380 is pricy, that's my only drawback.

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    It is good to have options. I prefer to carry a .45 lately, and I spend a lot of time with my Glock 30SF on my hip. Lately, I picked up a Glock 36 and love it to death. However, I had to go to a meeting yesterday where much of the clientel was not real pro-gun. In addition, my usual attire would be out of place. Since I was wearing a 5.11 holster T-shirt under my outer shirt, using the Glock 36 was out of the question. I ended up carrying a Beretta .380 and a spare magazine, and I did not feel the least bit underprotected.

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    I like the 9mm!

  10. I have the same question between trying to decide on whether to get the LCP or the LC9. I am not sure, I know the LCP would be easier to conceal.

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    TCP .380 works well for me. See the link for some information I found useful.

    CALIBERS -- The Gun to Carry When You Can't Carry a Gun: .380 Advocacy Article
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