Pricecheck on Taurus Judge Magnum 3"
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Thread: Pricecheck on Taurus Judge Magnum 3"

  1. Pricecheck on Taurus Judge Magnum 3"

    Found a guy selling a Taurus Judge Magnum. This is the one with the 3" cylinder vs. the regular 2.5" cylinder. Holds .410 and .45 LC as does the regular Judge, but this one also has the ability to chamber .454 casull round.

    He's asking $400 and it's in perfect condition. Only comes with box and couple of rounds. Good price?

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    I paid $469 for mine NIB. If its in as good a condition as u say then I think as long as your not paying any taxes on then its a FAIR price.

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    Email [email protected] he is cheaper than that price

  5. You both are aware that I;m talking about the 3" cylinder MAGNUM version, right? Also, Who is [email protected]?

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    just a heads up, if you plan on firing and 45colt out of it i would recommend looking at the 2.5 and not the magnum, its more accurate, due to the fact that the bullet has to jump a longer gap before entering the barrel. just food for thought, also i dont think its a bad price but look around there are sooo many different styles of judges to choose from all at there own prices, so its hard to say what its really worth off hand

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