Mauser Broomhandle Pistol V Luger Pistol
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Thread: Mauser Broomhandle Pistol V Luger Pistol

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    Mauser Broomhandle Pistol V Luger Pistol

    Does anyone carry or favour either the Mauser Broomhandle Pistol or Luger Pistol. If so I would be interested to hear why? This is open for general discussion.



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    I want to acquire a Luger, but not for carry.

    Don't use a piece of history for carry. If you ever have to use it, it will end up in police custody and eventually an officer's personal collection!


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    The broomhandle Mauser is poorly balanced, but they are very well made and reliable. The Luger is a wonderfully balanced and a natural pointer. They are finicky about ammo and cleanliness. Both are really not modern carry guns and if something breaks, parts availability could be somewhat problematic.
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    The Luger was (is) a crappy pistol. It's collectibility comes from it's association with infamy and unique design rather than from it's effectiveness as a firearm. By all accounts it's accurate and comfortable but it was an overly complicated pistol that had serious reliability issues. I would definitely like to have one as a collectors item/fun-gun but not as an EDC. No way.
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