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Thread: Ruger SR9C ankle holster

  1. Ruger SR9C ankle holster

    Hi guys, been searching around for awhile for a nice ankle holster for my SR9C. Doesnt seem to be a lot of them on the market. Does anyone know of any? I hear holsters that hold G26's will sometimes work but I was curious to know if they make any for the SR9C specifically?

  3. SR9c

    What are you guys carrying then? Ankle or not. Using a cheap walmart holster currently.

  4. I have carried a couple of different guns in an ankle holster. Mt Airweight S&W .38 works best. I think the SR9C will be too heavy for ankle carry. I have an SR9 and an SR9C. I have found an inside the waistband holster that will fit both as well as my Glock 23.

    Vega Holster

    I paid about $25 for it. It is soft and thin. You can get various sizes and the one I chose works for several of my handguns. Good luck!

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