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Thread: Which Ruger 9mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m444ss View Post
    I find it hard to believe that even a very light .380 or 9mm kicks more than my .357 Mag.
    It doesn't, not even close.
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    The LC9 is very nice to carry in pocket. Recoil is very manageable. It is very accurate.

  4. My vote for 9mm carry

    I have carried my P95, my SR9, and various Glocks. My all time favorite for size,shootability and quality is my SR9c. Great ergonomics, very accurate and much better trigger than my G19.

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    SR9C without reservation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoltandaman View Post
    Sell the 1911 and buy 2 glocks
    That really adds a lot to our discussion. Thanks a lot.
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    I have a SR9 and a LCP both are nice guns very accurate and reliable. The LCP is so easy to conceal it's hard to beat. It does have alot of kick for a 380 but its very manageable. I would rather carry the SR9 for the capacity but you really don't have to even try to conceal the LCP which makes it great for the summer.

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    I love my Rugers P89, SR9, and LCP. The LC9 is the next one on my list. I wanted to get it instead of the LCP but they were out of stock everywhere so I settled with the LCP and haven't regretted my decision once. Now to add the LC9to my collection.

  9. I was bein serious. I prefer glock over ruger any day

  10. For those of you recommending the Glock over the Ruger, I won't debate the technical merits of one over the other...everyone has an opinion. Even if the Glock were better, nothing wrong with a Ruger...AND...Ruger is going to donate $$ to the NRA for every gun bought this year...and that's the sort of company I want to support.

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    I haven't shot either of the other two Ruger 9's listed on here, but have an LC9. It is a bit snappy, but not uncomfortable, and easy to get used to. I apparently have one of the good ones as I've never had any issues with it. Goes bang every time, and kills paper plates like it's supposed to.

    Like everything else and individual preferences, if you have the way to do it, try all of them before you pick one up. And definitely post what you bought and why you ended up going that way!

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