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    A few days ago I was over at a friends house where several of us were playing pool. All of us were dead sober. One of my friends had brought his visiting brother who was a damn good at pool. Long story short I got roped into playing him. My friend warned him not to but the brother wanted to play for MONEY. Only he didnt have much so he put his Taurus PT 22 on the line. I was to be his victom. I may be 'vertically challenged'(fat) but I can play pool as he found out the hard way. I am now the owner of a Taurus PT22, and the brother was real good about it saying a bet is a bet and gave me a bill of sale(no money). The question is what kind of ammunition works best in a PT22. I mean what brand Federal or Remmington or CCI or something else? Also while the gun does say LR(long rifle) what kinds of long rifle? Hollow points, copper jacketed, non jacketed(CCI Blazer) or what? I like the gun and your help would be welcome. SANTA

  3. You taught that young man a valuable lesson about gambling. And about judging books by their covers.

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    What was 2nd prize - two Taurus PT22s??
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    I should have been there to watch that one. Here's the manual.
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    If the ammo is 22 long rifle you can shoot it. If you hunt small game use hollow points.

  7. I just bought the same one for my wife. So far the cci's have had no problems unlike the remington green box.

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