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    I'm thinking about purchasing a taurus pt1911 in .45acp. I just wanted to get our opinion on this pistol.

  3. Own it, competed with it, love it. All the standard 1911 parts fit on it, the trigger pull is short, the action is smooth, and it's surprisingly accurate. First time I'd ever shot a .45 before was in a bowling pin competition - came in third to the two regulars who shot that competition every month. Probably the most telling was when I went shooting with a guy who retired from the Protective Detail (USSS) and was a die-hard Kimber guy. Mocked me and my "toy clone" until he shot it. He's still a die-hard Kimber guy but he now respects the Taurus PT1911.

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    I have one and it's ok, but if I had to do it over again I'd save more $ for an American 1911 with a better customer service reputation. My current intention is to save up for a nice one and get a .22 conversion for my Taurus.
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    I have owned a PT1911 for 2 years and just love it. It was the most accurate handgun I ever took out of the box and fired. The recoil is very light and is the trigger pull is very light. My wife even likes to fire it.
    It is easy to take apart to clean.

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    PT1911AR. Fantastic gun!!

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