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  1. s&w bodyguard 380 question

    I was looking up for the reviews for the gun and it says DA ( hammer fired ) and it says it can fire without racking the slide. That would only be for a fte correct? You still need to rack the slide for the first round if I'm not mistaken

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    The pistol in question is DAO, or Double Action Only. When firing the pistol, the slide cycles on its own and extracts the spent round on the way back and chambers a new round on the way forward. (At least that's how it's supposed to work.) I am not sure if I answered your question as it was kinda poorly worded.

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    I do not believe so, sir. A DAO pistol is fired double-action, meaning one trigger stroke, cocks and releases the hammer. However, unlike the P-38, which is double-action on the first trigger pull, then single-action afterward, a true DAO will require you to use that initial double-action stroke with every shot. You will get no easier trigger on subsequent shots. I think it's a great little gun, and with integral laser sights, a good weapon for a female who might not like those big, bad .45s that the guys use. Or even an older person, as long as they can pull that trigger.
    (Don't take it wrong. I have a jewel of a .380 Seecamp in a diversion book on my bedstead.)
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  5. You're right I should run right out and buy the biggest baddest gun I can find, print all over the place and announce to EVERYONE I'm carrying a gun because that 1 in a million chance that I might need it! While I'm at it ill go buy an F-350 and NEVER TOW or haul anything.

    No offense

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