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Thread: Anyone Carry a Springfield XD

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    xd45 service model in smart carry.
    Rule #1 of CCW: Don't get made.

  3. XD 40 Subcompact

    I just bought the XD paddle holster from Springfield. It's comfortable. Way better then the belt holster that it came with. I would recommend this one for a CCW.

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    XD Carry

    Quote Originally Posted by jofreder View Post
    I have an XD 9 4'' and would like to know if anyone else is carrying an XD. What holster and how are you carrrying it. I would really like a strong Side Belt holster but I am concerned the gun is too big.
    I carry a Xd 9 sub compact. I use a thunderware holster here in So. Fl. The only problem with it that it sweats through, so I just keep my gun wiped down and it is just fine. I also use a fanny pack and on the rare days that I can were a coat I carry cross draw in a fobis roto holster. Stay safe.

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    I am a very big fan of the 1911 Style Pistol. But my first carry gun was a Springfield 9MM carried in a Don Hume IWB holster great gun, no complaints, I Have given it to My Brother in Law since he took his CCW class. Never a malfunction and very comfortable to wear.
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    30 years of many pistols in my hands and I stopped looking when I got a CC-Permit, needed a smaller lighter yet rugged weapon and found the Springfield XD-9. IMHO it is the easiest (non-micro-built Derringer LM5 type) pistol to conceal if you want a good CQC semi-auto pistol that does not look like it belongs stuck in a bar-fly's leg garter holster. It's discreet concealed carry even in a normal pants/jacket pocket. Fine quality, accuracy, reliability and STOPPING POWER with its 10-rd clip of 9mm CORęBON HP 115gr rounds, plus 1 in the 'spout' (11 rds vs 5 same for any Lady Smith revolver) for fast deployment, less manual safeties to slow U down; just draw, aim (nice front/rear combo sights) & squeeze off something moving @ 1350fps that hits like a soft-lead .45-.50cal ball round the closer the target is 2 U. Rubbish U cry :39: ? Try it on a soft target (like a dead dear strung-up which simulates a human very well) and watch a 2-2.5" hole spider-out from point of impact, followed by the crimson-spray of about 1lb of meat ejected outward upon impact and splinter into hundreds of micro mini-bits of lead & copper stuck inside to a depth of 4-6"! vs. a normal 9mm FMJ that just leaves a nice round hole big enough to stick a pencil through on it's way thru & probably out the other side of a skinny perp or paper target on a range. HP stopping power even against body armor will knock a big perp down, not pass right thru leaving perp just more P.O-ed :Image15: unless U hit that inner eye/nose tear duct spot, the 'Drop-dead Fred' spot snipers love. But this is no sniper rifle & that shot takes a LOT of practice to make when the SHTF. For the price, quality and short range accuracy it is small and deadly if U use the right stoppng ammo, or 4-get it and go with a LARGER 1911 stlye 'shooters', leaving a hole U can now stick a finger in, unless it's shooting HP's, then that stops the human tanks of this world, is twice as big, twice as heavy and packs a hefty recoil. A larger good quality pistol is a must for @ home/range uses, but CC is hard to keep it legal. Try conceal that size/any make of hand-canon in your jeans & a T on an 80' day! I'd love 2 know how that is legally done & still stay out of sight & out of a fanny-pack. It doesn't get much better for sub-compacts but the right ammo is IMHO what gives it best in class short-range awesome stopping power, and practice or U may just blow your foot off looking for a safety to flip up or down that are not there :-) 500+ various rds to date with no MF's, jambs or hangs; poetry in pistols.

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    I carry a XD45C in either a Crossbreed supertuck for IWB or a DeSantis speec scabbard for OWB.

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    I just picked up an XD45 Service model last weekend. I am going to go to the range tomorrow and try it out for the first time. The funny this is that I went looking for a compact or sub compact .45 and ended up with one that isn't much smaller than my 1911. I just liked the XD too much I guess. The compact can come later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveBlues View Post
    I just picked up an XD45 Service model last weekend. I am going to go to the range tomorrow and try it out for the first time. The funny this is that I went looking for a compact or sub compact .45 and ended up with one that isn't much smaller than my 1911. I just liked the XD too much I guess. The compact can come later.
    Congrats! As a fellow XD owner I am confident you'll be pleased :)

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    Thumbs up The same as Tex45ACP

    I use the identical setup. I carry constantly and this is a very comfortable setp. It doesn't print when your as big as I am. 5'10" 230 lbs.
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    Never should have sold it but one has to have something thinner...

    I found that it was way to wide to conceal, atleast without a coat or lots of layers.Had an XD40 4" with a ported 4.5" ss mach barrel from EFK.Wish to hell i never sold it(400$to my brother) I cut the grip down to a compact size(before Springfield Even offered a compact in any model. I cut up a 12rnd mag, trimmed, cut and made a 10rnd compact mag. Yes I know what you might be thinking but that 10rnd mag but five years latter it's always loaded full and still has as much pop as a new mag. I did the same with my Kahr TP45(a 7rnd'r to a six, and funneled the well. I should do pistol smithing on the side but the prise for tools is more than I can afford. on top of work supplies.

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