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    XD9 Service in DeSantis SOB holster (and , no, I haven't fallen, cracked my spine, and ended up paralyzed). Most of the time, the muzzle barely even comes close to my spine. No, it does not allow the fastest draw, neither does a shoulder holster. Neither does concealed versus open carry. SOB is still an option, though.

    I have had two DeSantis Speed Scabbads for two different Berettas and they are excellent.

    I am currently shopping for a paddle for the XD9, though. I did buy a cheap plastic paddle that may have been a fobus or something of that ilk but it does not conceal, sticks way out and now sits in the closet--better than the XD throw-away holster that came with the gun, however.

    The only rule is by the highest quality holster one can afford. They conceal better and are more comfortable.

  3. I carry my XD40SC in a Serpa mini paddle strong side. It is VERY comfortable, and keeps the weapon close to the body. The security feature IMHO is far better than retention straps, but I had to practice quick presentation to get completely confident.I reco the Serpa highly.

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    Springfield XD-40 service model, Blackhawk serpa holster

  5. Pretty much any XD in a CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB holster is easily concealed. I'm not a big guy (5' 10", 175 lbs) and I've carried my XDm 4.5" in my CBST holster at about the 4:00 - 4:30 position, wearing cargo pants and a T-shirt, with no concealment problems.

    There are guns that are more easily concealed, however - even guns that don't look like they belong in a gnat's garter (or whatever one of the previous posters said). The Glock 19 and the Kahr CW series are a couple examples that immediately come to mind.

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    My XDM-40 is easily concealed in my Supertuck Deluxe. Add a good gunbelt and you have unsurpasses "comfort" and "concealment".

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    My XDm in .45 acp carries perfectly in the holster that came with it.
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