Anyone Carry a Springfield XD
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Thread: Anyone Carry a Springfield XD

  1. Anyone Carry a Springfield XD

    I have an XD 9 4'' and would like to know if anyone else is carrying an XD. What holster and how are you carrrying it. I would really like a strong Side Belt holster but I am concerned the gun is too big.

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    I carried a XD 9 for a long time it is a great carry weapon. I used a Don Hume inside the waste band holster carried between 3 and 4 oclock very comfortable and concealable.
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    I sometimes carry an XD 9 SC or an XD 45 comp. Both will fit in the DeSantis Viper Paddle Holster. I have been really liking paddle holsters for the ease of putting it on and quick removal. Very comfortable for me also. This holster also holds the grip in close to the body --so little printing. It also has height and cant adjustments.
    My XD9SC is always in my EDC bag in an AMS holster to keep the trigger covered. This holster would not fit the 4" barrel though.
    I highly recomend the DeSantis Viper

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    I carry a Springfield XD 40 (full size 4" service model, not the compact) in a strong side DeSantis speed scabbard. I carry it in the forward cant. I can conceal the gun pretty easily under a sweatshirt or un-tucked button-up shirt. I just got the gun in late fall, and haven't had to carry it in warm weather yet, so I don't know how that's going to work out just yet. I'll probably be limited to a short sleeved button up shirt that is untucked. The DeSantis holster keeps the gun nice and high and tight to my body. With a good thick belt it works great! Generally speaking, I think the gun is not that hard to hide. I've worn it several times and had my wife be surprised to feel it, saying things like "when the heck did you put that on?" I first tried an Uncle Mike's Sidekick sholder holster, but I didn't like it at all. I think it stays concealed better in the scabbard than in the Sidekick. Hope that helps a little. Good luck!

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    Smile XD Carry

    I carry an XD45 compact. 90% carry in a Crossbreed supertuck. I also have a Fobus paddle which carries nicely and is comfortable bur prefer IWB.

  7. Sometimes I carry my XD-9 4" model at 3 0' clock in a jit slide holster. I have no problem concealing, normally I carry a commander 1911. I like to carry it in the summer months.
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    My Springfield subcompact 3 inch XD 9mm is carried in a varety of ways. 5.11 holster shirt, 511 tactical vest, Belly band, and fanny pack over the right hip. All work really well for me, depending on the season, and circumstance.
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  9. My XD-40 carries extremely well concealed and comfortable in a KyTac BraveHeart IWB rig. Easy on, easy off, yet secure. Spare mag in a pouch on the left side completes the ensemble.


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    I occasionally carry a 4" XD .45 but I'm pretty tall and thin and it proves tough to conceal comfortably unless the weather is cold and I'm wearing a sweater or jacket. I carry it with a Comp-Tac. The best places for me are 11 and 5 o'clock.

    Everyday I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9.

    I'm looking at getting a SC XD.

  11. I have been carrying the XD45 Service since it hit the shelf in my local gunstore. I have had no trouble carrying it concealed either IWB or OWB.....I prefer IWB. Here are the two holsters I carry it in.

    IWB is a Brommeland Max Con V and a double mag holster

    OWB is in a Galco Concealable and using the Brommeland mag holster as well

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