what to upgrade too?
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Thread: what to upgrade too?

  1. Cool what to upgrade too?

    i am currently carring a glock 17 as my daily carry but i want to upgrade to a .45 the three choices i am looking at are a HK usp compact,Glock 21,or a taurus pt1911. All are great firearms i just dont know which one to pick

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    Tough to say...have you touched and held all three? How it feels in your hand is awfully important.
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  4. i have held all 3 and they all feel good if i were to go with price i would go with the 1911 but i am also looking at how reliable each is

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    Have you considered the Glock 36?
    That's my CCW, it is .45 acp, and is the slimest .45 on the market. It is easily concealable, but only holds 6 in the mag. I am planning on getting an extended mag for my back up.
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    I like the Glock 21SF. The smaller frame makes it easy to conceal as well as operate.

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    I know you guy's like those glocks,

    but if you want something more accurate and less recoil I would recommend the 1911. I Own the Taurus 1911 and it has become one of my favorite carry guns. I also shoot my best groups with it at 1.5" at 15yrds and I know it's more accurate than I can shoot. Mike,

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    I am not a Glock fan ,but apparently you are. So here is what I recommend. Get all three lined up, close your eyes and point. I am sure you result will please you. :D . Since you have handled all of them, see if you can find somewhere to shoot them. If you are like me any new gun will put a smile on your face.

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    Glock 21SF ..........
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    I can't speak to the 45 factor as everything I have in an auto is a 9mm. I will say however that I have both an HK and Glock and have never had any problems with either. I guess you would say I would stake my life on them as they are what I carry on a daily basis. Especially concerning the HK lets just say it is hard to beat any firearm made by the Germans. That is one thing they do very well.
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    I have shot all 3 guns. I carry a full size Kimber for my carry gun but sometimes carry my H&K USP compact I have never had a problem with it. I also allowed a friend to shoot and take it through the paces when he was looking for something new and he choose the USP. But find what you like and go with it.
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