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Thread: Db9?

  1. Db9?

    After about 100 trips this past month to the gun store I was pretty sure I'd be purchasing the Taurus TCP for my birthday gun. Today however they just received a fresh shipment of the compact diamondback 9mm so I played with it for a while and it actually felt extremely good in my hands. It's just a TAD bigger than the pocket 380s and it did fit in my front pocket of my Levis although a little bulkier however it would definitely fit in some actual pants. The part that attracts me most is its 9mm which is a much easier round to acquire since its much more common. It was only 40 more bucks than the TCP which would be money well spent considering 9mm ammo is much cheaper.

    Anybody here own one that can give me some reviews? There was another gentlemen there who said he owned one and loved it as his cc, I'd love to get some more insight on the weapon. I'm also on a 400 dollar budget so for anyone who is gonna say get a glock, I was 1 step ahead...until I found the cheapest one in my area at 450 and it looked like it was dropped down a well

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    Heard good things from friends of mine. Would see if you can rent one at a gun range first to check the recoil I own kel Rex p11 in nine recoils not bad yet is slightly bigger then the db9 the Taurus tcp is good too I carry one daily

  4. Yeah after researching all day I've come to the conclusion that buying such a new model gun is a terrible idea haha! Considering the db380 had such a rough launch ill wait a year and stick with the TCP purchase

  5. Bought a tcp a month ago no hick ups at all 1000 + rounds never cleaned

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    Ya I agree wait I love tcp it's a great pocket gun not an issue

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