does anybody here own one of these?
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Thread: does anybody here own one of these?

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    does anybody here own one of these?

    Centurion AK47 Tactical Pistol

    Are they worth the money?

  3. Sweet. Hard to put IWB :)

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    I have a Draco pistol, has an eleven and a half inch barrel. Has wood instead of the rail system the picture has. Fun to shoot you need to learn to point shoot but with a 30 round mag or a 75 round drum you will learn to point shoot fast. Recoil in easily managed, heat of barrel when shooting a lot of rounds is biggest problem. They are extremely loud, you will be noticed at range.
    Mine is a Romanian has a Crome lined barrel, takes any AK 7.64x39 mag.

    I say go for it great truck gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saw View Post
    I say go for it great truck gun.
    Especially since it's "tactical".

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    It looks good but you can get a Draco for about half the price. I paid $389 and $399 for my two. The Draco makes for a nice blank canvas, so to speak. You can customize it any way you want.
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