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    Might I recommend a small revolver? They are generally cheaper than autos and at close range a snub. 38 is a very good defensive weapon and easy to carry. My wife carries a S&W 637 airweight. 38 5shot revolver. Less than $400 and shoots very well.[/QUOTE]

    A revolver would be cheaper but is not an option in this case. Since their is not cc in Illinois, he would be transporting it on his person when he goes into the bad areas. In Illinois you can transport on your person as long as it is unloaded and in a case, Gun fanny pack or other gun belt pouch. Also you can have a loaded mag in the case next to the gun as long as it is not in the gun. In Illinois we call it 6 seconds to safety and is about as close as we Illinois people get to conceal carry.

  3. I trust $100 pistols as much as I do $100 cars. I ain't gonna bet my life on either one.

    Hi Points are junk. Slightly better junk than the Cobra/Davis or the old Bryco/Jennings/Jeminez but still junk.

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    They are cheap & may look funny, but I know a few people who have the Hi Point & swear by them. I know others will disagree, but check them out for yourself. I have been thinking about checking out a 9mm.

  5. Guys trying to blow up a HI-Point

    These guys are trying to blow up a HI Point - DIRTYDOZENSBUNKER, LLC

    If you want more google hi-point challenge.

    Have several at least one with 3k+ rounds through it ( C9 ) and my oldest son has a .45 with close to 10k through it. He and his FIL took a 5 gallon bucket of old .45 rounds out and the only gun they had that shot every crusty green piece of brass was the Hi-Point.

    I do not make a practice of CC with my C9 because I don't like a gun with a manual safety for everyday carry. I have Keltec and XD for CC.

    I have let at least a couple of dozen folks at our range shot it and everyone liked it.

    As in everything else YMMV.


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    I own the .380 and the 9mm, and my Better Half owns the 9mm and the .45, all Hi-Point. The ONLY problem we have ever had is running the cheap WalMart-carried Winchester ammo, (when we inquired to Hi-Point about this, they said it is something about the way these shells are bonded to the lead), but when we upgraded to the next priced ammo, we did not have a single problem. We've run Remington, UMC, Federals, American Eagle, Winchester (in the black boxes), CCI Blazer, through all three calibers, with never a single problem. No stovepipes, no jams or double-feeding. We shoot often, and when asked about the cost of these firearms, the responses are hilarious. The 380, out the door was about 130$, this includes an 8-rd mag. The 9mms were 145$ out the door, also with 8-rd mags. The .45 was 193$ out the door, and it came with a 9-rd mag. We've upgraded to all 10-rd mags for the .380 and the 9mms, but the .45 does not have any other mags available than the 9-rd. I love-love-love this 9mm. When we go out shooting with friends, ours are quite popular. I like the way they fit in the palm of the hand, especially with the extended magazines. For anyone on a budget, I would HIGHLY recommend these, as they are reliable, they are MADE IN THE USA (Beemiller, OH), and they carry a lifetime warranty, not for the life of the owner, but the life of the GUN, no questions asked. That's hard to beat. We recently took an advanced tactical shooting course, and received MUCH positive feedback on these as far as their looks and their performance. There were Glocks, H&K and S&Ws jamming on occasion, but not our Hi-Points. The instructor was more impressed at that class than he was years ago when he taught our safety course for our CPLs, which was when he first saw the Hi-Point firearms in action. Grouping? Excellent. Heavy? Yes. Comfortable in hand? Yes. Easily concealable? Yes (but as with every weapon, this depends on the type of holster). Looks? I think they look sharp, but of course, I'm biased, because of how much I like these guns. I have a friend who just bought the 9mm carbine, and he speaks very highly of its accuracy, style and mobility. Hope this helps.

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    Funny, I just read an article on Hi Point seems they've really made some improvements on them. Don't know what they sell for but I'll bet a Ruger is probably pretty close in price and is a very good hand gun.I own two of them a 9mm and a P345 in 45 ACP paid about 350.00 for the P345 brand new in the box.

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    You have two glocks, just give your Dad one of them.

  9. I have owned 3 C-9 hi points & all 3 malfunctioned. I returned each oner and I did receive a neww C-9 which I traded in for a gun I neededd to shoot when I pulled the trigger. I liked the top heavy weight for quick follow up shots. The design was poor as when I opened them to clean ALL the springs & firing pin would fly out. They all were accurate up to 100 feet when they would shoot. Stove piped & jammed frequently. I gave up and traded in the 4th one & bought a Ruger that did shoot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicagogunsmith:227738
    You have two glocks, just give your Dad one of them.
    One is my carry weapon and the other is for my stay at home wife.

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    I have a 40SW pistol. I don't use it for concealed carry because it's a big on the heavy side. The considerable weight actually makes them fairly easy shooting guns.

    From personal observation I have found mine to be reliable except with Hollow Points. The feed ramps are not terribly smooth and they sometimes and in some guns (like mine) don't feed 100%. This is something you will simply need to try.

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