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Thread: "hi-point"

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    what do you think of "hi-point" hand guns

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    Cheap. I mean nothing more can be said that they are cheap. They are weird to hold, very top heavy. Did I say they are cheap? Holy cow they are cheap, how can they make a gun so cheaply?!

    I don't own one. A family member does. It's his first firearm owned since leaving the Air force maybe 20 years ago. I'm proud to say I got most of my wife's family into shooting when I married her.

    You're not going to hold tight groups. It's awkward to shoot, but you can get used to it. If you are using it for what it is, an entry level home defense gun, you will not be upset. Don't be suprised if you are out buying another gun at some point though. My family member recently held my XDM and he kept saying "Nice, that's nice. That feels nice." You can buy 5 hi points for the price of my xdm.

    I'm not syaing don't buy one because at 21' I hit paper with every shot. I'm just saying know what its' place is in the market and don't think you are going to win any competititons with it. It'll still hurt if you get hit with it.

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    I have been informed by an individual in law enforcement that Hi Point understands its market well and makes a very cheap gun that is purely designed for defense. I was also informed that the manufacturer works closely with law enforcement to ensure that shells ejected from its guns can be easily identified at a crime scene.

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    Cheap. Which makes it much easier for those of us on the lower end of the income chart to be able to protect ourselves. I have two of them; both are heavier than similar guns made by other manufacturers. However, so far I have found them both to be accurate and reliable. True, it took a few boxes of ammo to get them broken in, but after that I have had no problems. The only thing I don't like about them is their weight - they are heavy. They are also affordable, which makes the weight (to me) not a problem. Of course, I'm 6'1". Someone small would have a problem because of the weight. I've never entered any organized target shooting event, but I have won a few small bets for accuracy.

  6. I have a 9mm it is ugly it is heavy but it does shoot as good as my glocks

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    Thanks for the info. I don't own one but was looking for somehing my dad, a self employed plummer, you does some work in bad areas can use purely in self defense. He does not have much money and does not go to ranges and does not look at shooting as a hobby. He recently had a rough encounter and made him think about it more. I recommended the glock 17 and 21 which is what I have. He really can't afford that and can barely swing the price of a hi-point.

  8. Just have to put a few boxes thru the hi point

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    My main concern is, if he has to pull it, it will shoot reliably.

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    I don't have one.
    The best I can say here is that you get what you pay for, which isn't always a bad thing.

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    I have had good shooting with Hi Point .45,good ammo and cheap ran through it no problem and have always shot good groups.Yea it's cheap but so what.
    I bought the 9mm carbine last weekend and can't believe how well it shoots out of the box.A LEO was at the range and wanted to try it.I thought he missed the target altogether until I realized his 4 were in the bulls eye (30') not bad.
    Just my 2 cents.My carry is a Glock though.

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