Ruger SP-101 hammerless
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Thread: Ruger SP-101 hammerless

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    Ruger SP-101 hammerless

    I like to carry my Ruger SP101 .357 stainless steel and hammerless in my back pocket while walking around the area. It fits nicely and is easy to draw. It also works in my hip bag and tactical bag.

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    I've had a DAO SP101 for years. One of my favorites.

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    You can't go wrong with a Ruger. But at the same time I have to ask are you using a holster? You should be even if it is hammer less if for nothing else but protection for your weapon.

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    My SP101 Hammerless is on my my stand next to bed. I sleep like a baby knowing I have something that can make a big whole in a person if needed! :)

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    It is my primary low threat carry handgun. Going into the city, i will usually carry a 1911 but I have carried the SP on occasion when ultimate concealment is required. I carry in a simply rugged pancake OWB and after carrying the 1911, I cant even tell I have it on.
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