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  1. Bersa UC Pro .45

    I carry a Bersa UC Pro is very well sized for carry in a Galco 3-slot OWB. Gun is extremely accurate (verified by an owner of a full house Kimber!) Very well made...and REASONABLE! Less than $350. Thinking of buying a 9mm Bersa...cheaper to practice.

  3. To Bersa or not to Bersa - That's Not Even A Question?

    I carry the Bersa 45UC Pro in a Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe.

    The 9mm version (either the 10-round or the 13-round) is an excellent choice of firearm. If I didn't own both, I wouldn't say that.

    Incidentally, the Bersa 9 will also fit in the same holster as the 45UC, slightly looser but a good fit, nonetheless.

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