Walter .380 PPK/S Like or dislike Comments welcome.
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Thread: Walter .380 PPK/S Like or dislike Comments welcome.

  1. Question Walter .380 PPK/S Like or dislike Comments welcome.

    Thinking of a Walter .380 PPK/S as a backup carry. Please give me your comments.

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    I haven't shot a lot of different handguns, but out of the ones I have shot, I like the PPK best. My first carry was some model of CZ in .32 cal, which was nice, but tended to malfunction. I moved to a Bersa .380, which was OK, but compared to the Walther, had a stingy recoil and seemed less smooth. I'm carrying the PPK .380 now and I really like it. It is a bit large for a CC weapon, but I carry in a bag, so I don't really notice. I think this would be the only issue you might have with it.

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    Carried one as a primary for years. Love everything about the gun.
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    The PPK/S is a nice size to CCW in the warmer months when all you wear is a shirt. The downside is it bites the web of my hand when fired.
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    I have one for CC. The trigger action was a little stiff, so I had a slightly lighter spring installed. Also had the ramp polished to mitigate any potential problems with hollowpoint. Love the weapon since I am a petite woman with small hands. The size is great for any CC use.

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    Is it possible to file the backside of the hammer slightly without impairing the hammer action?

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    I like the two I have... My first is an American made PPKS, I have found it to be temperamental and jam while feeding a round with many types of ammo. I have had two gunsmiths look at the firearm and both recommend using only fully jacketed rounds to resolve the feeding issue. This has worked and made it enjoyable to shoot, but I would not use that one as a backup or primary carry firearm. My other PPKS is pre-ban German made, and I have carried it as both primary and backup, in training it has never let me down. Fortunately, I have never been in a position that required drawing it in a real life situation.

    My father has and carried a PPK for the better part of 30 years, but has recently changed over to the Ruger LCP. I like his Ruger, but have no plans to switch from my trusty Walther…

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    Walther PPK - opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by roguejesse View Post
    The PPK/S is a nice size to CCW in the warmer months when all you wear is a shirt. The downside is it bites the web of my hand when fired.
    Agree with @roguejesse: very nice size for CC, but it has a serious kick/bite to it that none of my 9mm's has. Not fun to train with, but I'd be OK carrying it.

    Incredibly accurate though.

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    The Walther has a great name but the human fit is bad.

    The grips are squared-off and bite the hand.

    The frame for the PPK/S is actually the PP frame with a PPK length slide/barrel. If you can find an original grip PPK, it will be much more comfortable.

    My bottom line recommendation: Get a Bersa. It is a much more comfortable design!


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    I have a bersa, not a walther ppk. It's not the smallest gun I have, but it has the least recoil of the guns I have. It's a little on the larger side for pocket carry, but it depends on what you like and the size of your pocket!

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