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  1. please help...

    I am new with owning my first gun. Its a 9 mm. JA. I bought ammo for it called FEDERAL LUGER. ITS 114 GRAIN. will that be okay to shoot with in it? I have a ccw I just received not too long ago. Also am I aloud to have my gun fully loaded when carrying it on me concealed? Thx

  3. I live in INDIANA

    I forgot to add that I'm a resident of INDIANA

  4. one more thing

    Its 9mm jimenez arms

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    Welcome to USA Carry, fellow Hoosier!

    As for your gun, take it to a range and try it out. You can't decide whether it's the gun for you based on what we say.

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    Welcome to CCWiing, glad you have joined us.It's always great to have another Legally Armed Citizen. The answer to your question, each gun reacts to ammo differently best thing to do is to buy several different brands, and shoot them.

    Your gun will tell you what it likes the best.I'm not sure on your local laws, but if you have an CCW im sure you can carry fully loaded.

    I wouldn't carry an empty gun.better off with a bat, at that point. Once again welcome aboard, be safe

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    Keep it loaded and shoot a lot,only way to decide if the gun is right for you. Welcome to USAcarry

  8. :)

    Thanks everyone so much
    You all seem nice.

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    When purchasing a firearm, it's best to read the owner's manual. If you did not get one with the firearm, then contact the manufacturer. Many firearms look alike, yet function differently. Improper ammunition in the firearm could result in serious injury and/or death. Keep in mind that 9mm Luger does come in different powder loads (usually described as "P", "+P" and "+P+"). If your firearm is not rated for the higher pressure ammo, your firearm could explode when you shoot it.

    As for your personal defense ammunition, I consider it a personal choice. With that in mind, be sure that you choose appropriate ammunition for personal defense. If using the ammunition for self defense, be sure the bullets are expanding (Jacketed Hollow Point - "JHP", Jacketed Soft Point - "JSP", etc.). You shouldn't use "Full Metal Jacket" (FMJ) or "Lead Round Nose" (LRN) ammunition for self defense, as those rounds may over penetrate and cause damage to people or property behind your target. Be sure to fire a box or two of your personal defense ammunition through your firearm periodically to ensure that the firearm will function properly and to ensure that you can hit your target with the defense ammunition. Some firearms are finicky on ammunition and may malfunction.

    Just a couple of the many things to consider when deciding to CC. Welcome to the site. Good luck!

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    Definitely research and know the laws in your state. We may tell you to carry loaded (because it's crazy not to), but it might not be legal in Indiana. Plus, if you're not sure about that law, I'm sure there are others that'll trip you up.

    You need to know how you can carry, when you can carry, and where you can carry. You also need to know when you can use lethal force. Some states say you don't need to attempt to flee from any place, others might say you must attempt to flee even from your own front yard. Study those laws!

    Here's a link that should come in handy:

    Welcome to the club. Practice as much as you can, and stay safe!


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    What part of Indiana are you from... If your in south east I recommend you taking a Ccw course at woodhill training that will get you Ohio certified... From my thoughts your Ccw class wasn't the most informant as we went over caliber and gun types, the law, carry options, handgun safety, hands on training of realistic attacks.. Etc... 100 dollars on a Saturday and Sunday that I think will do you great

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