Springfield XDm 40 with 9mm conversion?
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Thread: Springfield XDm 40 with 9mm conversion?

  1. Springfield XDm 40 with 9mm conversion?

    Likely will not use as CC, but for expensive vs non-expensive trips to the range, think its a worthy accessory?

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    I have the XD-.45acp great handgun it's a little to big for everyday carry, the .40/9mm is a great item.

  4. I agree with rifleshooter474. I a big guy and most of the time concealing the XD-.45 is not a big issue. However, sometimes something a little smaller would be nice. Also, the versatility would be a good advantage if getting ammo ever gets to be a problem such as after the last POTUS Inaugeration. I also like the idea of having more than one firearm that has the same operating drill/controls.....any of those trained on them (wife, sons, etc)could pick them up and shoot.

  5. thanks :)

    Have you thought about getting the conversion for the 9mm, Fossil? I think the 45 is capable of also going down to 9mm as well...

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