Cz 75d pcr compact vs m&p
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Thread: Cz 75d pcr compact vs m&p

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    Cz 75d pcr compact vs m&p

    Any thoughts on the CZ? I have an M&P and looking to add something else. Heard alot of good about the CZ.

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    Get yourself a Glock instead.

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    I like it. I don't have one myself, but my nephew does and I have shot his many times. I found it to be very accurate and a comfortable gun to shoot. I would certainly buy one myself if a good opportunity presented itself.

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    The CZ is fantastic. I carry one , alternating daily with a Sig P250c. It is solidly built, all metal and as a result reacquires the target very quickly. the SA shot is quick, the trigger breaks with ease. The DA is moderately long, but very smooth. I love the natural point on this gun, it fits very well in my hand. My one point of contention with the design is the slide height. Above the grip module, many American shooters will find the slide height minimal and unusual. It does make malfunction correction more difficult because there is less to grip when racking and clearing. It is a problem, but easy to overcome with practice. This gun feels and looks like a great weapon, and it is. I highly recommend it.

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    I agree with CZ hipster
    I only have a 75BD a 75 compact and 2 P01's
    Eventually I plan on getting a Rami and a 97 BD.
    I alternate carry between CZ's or XD's and most of my XD holsters fit the P01 too.
    I believe the PCR is basically the same as the P01 but without the light rail--My P01's are my favorite guns I own

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    I have two CZs: a 75B in .40S&W and a P01. They are solid built, easy to field strip beyond the normal slide removal, excellent ergonomics, and they are very accurate. What's not to like? The only issue I have with my P01 is the gritty trigger. I bought mine new and I only have 900 rounds through it. It's getting better as it breaks in but it does detract a little from an otherwise flawless design.
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