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Thread: Glock 19 Gen 4: non perfection.

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    There are two types of gun owners, those that own Glocks and those that are vastly inferior to those that own Glocks. If feel sorry for those poor saps in the latter catogory.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Im going to give the gun until at least 500 rounds and see how it goes. Perhaps I will try a different type of ammo. This is my first 9mm iv ever owned. What are some of the better 9mm range roundsj other than WWB?

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    Update: Just went out and shot 100 more rounds of WWB 115gr, and 25 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 115Gr. Out of the 100 WWB I had 7 FTE and about 15 cases hit me in the face.

    Shot the Hornady's with no fte's but the ejections was still very weak and eratic.

    So after watching this chicks youtube vid, She purchased the modified gen 3 recoil spring from and said it solved all her problems.

    I just placed an order for one and will try it out when it arives.

    Glockmeister Stainless Steel Recoil Assembly For Gen 4 G19, 23 and

  5. I bought my 19 gen 4 back in February of this year, factory recoil spring, 5 different brands of ammo from white box to personal defense ammo, and not a single issue. You might have a lemon.

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    Everyone, i posted a youtube vid today explaining the issue Added to the first post and i will add the link here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    There are two types of gun owners, those that own Glocks and those that are vastly inferior to those that own Glocks. If feel sorry for those poor saps in the latter catogory.
    I feel sorry for poor saps in the former group. I think they are the same ones who think Bondo is the right way to fix a car dent. I had a plastic gun once also, then I turned 12. Plenty of good American guns. Don't need an import.

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    I just placed an order for a 1000 round case of Speer Lawman115 gr. For anyone that doesnt know, Speer Lawman is one of the hotter range 9mm rounds on the market. Rated for 1200 fps muzzle velocity, it packs quite bit more punch than WWB, UMC, Federal Champion and most of all the standard 115gr range 9mm. Im going to see if it ejects better since it should provide faster rearward slide velocities. BTW i orderd it from Target Sports USA | Discount Ammunition Online | Ammo For Sale | Free Shipping Ammunition for $215 with free shipping for $210. Hopefully 1000 rounds of stronger ammo will break this gun in and get it ejecting correctly.

    Also my single recoil spring from Glockmiester should be here friday. I will do a review on it as well.

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    Everyone, I just got off the phone with Glock tech support. I explained that i have the newest spring assembly and it still has terrible ejection. He informed me that Glock has redesigned the ejector for the Gen 4 19. He is emaialing me the infor to send it in to them.

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    Another update.

    Today I recieved my order of Speer Lawman. Let me tell ya, that is some HOT range ammo. Feels like its got just as much recoil as .40.

    Anyway, today I put 100 rounds of the Speer Lawman through the gun. It definitly cycles the slide 100% better. I had no jams or stove pipes at all. It did eject the casings with much more force HOWEVER, the ejection is still all over the place. With the more powerful charge of the speer lawman, it was ejecting casings straigt up in the air and the would land on my head. lol. Well at least its not going to put my eyes out.

    One thing i did notice today is that all the casings were dented pretty bad on the edge. So i took one of the empty casings and put it in the chamber. I pulled the slide back to see how the ejector pushed on the round. Sure enough, the ejector pushed the empty casing against the side of the slide frame. I am uploading another vid to youtube to show you guys.

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    Ok here is my video i just posted on youtube about my ejector issues after talking with Glock. Please watch and tell me what you guys think.

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