BUG buying day!
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Thread: BUG buying day!

  1. BUG buying day!

    I decided to use my comission check to buy a BUG today and as always I'm still undecided. I bought a kahr cm9 a couple weeks back that works flawlessly but more guns ups my chance of survival during world war Z. I've been strongly considering a P32 with the 10 round extension mag, beautiful carry gun. I'm also strongly considering a revolver like the LCR or BG.

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    Too bad your not in Central Florida. I have a P32 package I am selling.
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    North American Arms Guardian is one to look at.

  5. I would scoop on that 32 in a second, unfortunately the FFL dealers here charge quite a bit. I ended up with a pf9 for 250 brand new. Still considering the 32 even now though, better jeans pocket fit

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    The LCR 357 Is my favorite backup. Second favorite is the 442. They backup my SP101 or my 7 shot 617 Taurus 357.

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