My wife and I took her new SR40c out to a friend's yard and fired its first shots.

First observation: The first box I worked through was Winchester WinClean (lead is enclosed in a thin layer of brass to keep fouling down). It did not work well for me. Had a failure to fire on the 2nd to last round of each magazine fired. I didn't think to check out the primers afterwards but the rounds did fire on the second try, although not if it was 2nd to last.

Second observation: this gun absolutely loves Fiocchi 180gr JHP. I smoked through a 50 pack of that stuff like it was butter. Smooooth.

Third observation: this gun is smooth and has a nice recoil when compared to my IMI 40s&w eagle (Jericho 941). Feels great in the hand and shoots damn accurate. We will be taking it to the actual range in order to see how accurate it really can be. What a nice day :)