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    New Gun For Carry

    I've decided (with the wifes approval of course) to get a gun for carry. I've been looking at the Sig P250, Springfield XD's, and the Ruger SRc both in 40 cal. Any other make and models that I should been looking in to?

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    Glock of course

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    Glocks are definitely great guns, i'm not gonna lie. I've fired the 19, 21, and 22 on separate occasions and for me personally, its the grip angle that is just not right.

  5. Have you ever carried before? Not only is gun performance important but it needs to be comfortable also! I recently learned the expensive way that even a compact gun like the kahr cm9 was to big, even on my ankle so I'm buying the Sig .380 for my pocket. I suggest trying to fire as many guns as you can and then from there decide what gun would fit your body the most comfortably

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    IMHO: Get whichever you can trust and whichever feels like a good choice for you. I might toss in the idea that eventually you will want to carry and carry often if not all the time, minus showering and the like! With that in mind, as dependable as Glocks are (I carry them) they are thick guns, difficult to hide unless you can dress appropriately and use a SuperTuck or similar holster. Soooo, go thin. The Ruger you mentioned might be a good choice.

    BTW, my .02 regarding thumb safeties: If you end up with a carry gun that has a thumb safety I would recommend you spend a huge chunk of time practicing the moving safety to 'fire' upon the draw from holster. You should of course practice the draw stroke anyway, but for those who carry both thumb safety and non-thumb safety guns I don't know how they are going to remember the thumb safety when a bad guy jumps at them. The adrenaline, the horror of being attacked and all the 'things' that happen to us in that instant that take away your ability and time to think about the thumb safety and will more likely end up having you killed while yanking on the trigger... IMHO, I'd recommend carrying/practicing ONE WAY or the other and staying there. :-)
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    my XD subcompact .40 is pretty easy to cover up (crossbreed supertuck holster) even when wearing affliction style shirts that are a slimmer fit than normal. plus it shoots well and is IMO what a glock could of been.

    good luck!

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    I carry either my XD9sc or my Kahr cm9 depending on my dress. I practice extensively with both. I use a Galco Kingtuk for both but also have a Galco pocket protector for the cm9 if I need to make a quick trip an want to stuff it into my pants pocket. These pistols work for me, but as its been said many times get what works for you regardless of the brand and become proficient. Best of luck in your search.

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    I have an XD...and of course a glock. Both of them are different. Get what will be comfortable for you...
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    In the summer I carry a ruger lcp in the Pocket holster . Comfortable in my pocket- definitely. Comfortable in my hand? For about 15 rounds - enough to stop the perp- and with a trace under barrel lazer it is pretty accurate. In the winter I carry my public defender polymer addition w 2-1/2 in barrel with 2 .45 colt an 3 self defense rounds consisting of 3 slugs and 12 bb's. :-) get what you like. If you have to talk your self into getting a certain one don't get it. Go with your gut.

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    Glock 22 is one to look at.

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