Picked up my first revolver!
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Thread: Picked up my first revolver!

  1. Picked up my first revolver!

    Traded my kel tec pf9 for it. Taurus m605, its the SS model, 2inch barrel .357. It's nice and heavy which makes plinking with .38 nice and easy. Gonna pick up the hogue (sp?) Grips tomorrow. Anyway I'm excited, just thought I'd share. Any tips for a new revolver owner please share!
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    Nice. I swear by Hogues and have them on several of my guns, including my .357 snubbie. In any case it's gonna be a beast to fire with .357s in it. Before you do shoot it with the magnum loads, just clear your mind and imagine you're shooting a 12-gauge...that way you'll be prepared for the kick!
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    First time at the range try not to say

    "Go ahead, make my day"

    Other than that have fun. I have an old 6" highway patrolman 357, it is a lot of fun.

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    My Taurus is a 9 mil. Good choice anyway -- and a big CONGRATULATIONS! to you.
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    Very cool, I have a Ruger Service 6, wish it had a shorter barrel.

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    Congratulations! I love the heavy snubs.

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    Oh yeah, and the 357 is a tough one for me. The plus p 38 is not much easier,but that's what I use. Hornady 110 fxt.

  9. Even my wife is excited with it ha! She said the pf9 looked like a toy. Gonna bring it to the range today with some .38 and .357, ill update tonight

  10. I picked up a blackhawk leather tuckable holster for it today. I love it! 32.99 and its the most concealed holster I've ever worn. I usually wear my t shirts untucked but I picked up some A-shirts to wear underneath to tuck into the holster. The only negative to the holster is also a positive and that its such a light leather and my pistol is so heavy its kind of a pain to get it positioned but at the same time being so soft and flexible makes it much more comfortable to wear, its very smooth against the skin but thick enough to stop moisture for fat guys like me ha!

  11. Hogue grips are a wise choice I have them on S&W 627 38spl. Watch where you put your free hand as where the clinder meet's the bbl. there is a pretty good amount of leakage when shooting. I read where a man lost fingers shooting a .50 S&W when they got near the flash area. Just put your handgun in a paper bag and fire it to see what I am posting about.

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