para ordnanace high cap 1911's
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Thread: para ordnanace high cap 1911's

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    para ordnanace high cap 1911's

    I was thinking of getting a para ordnance 1911 that has the 14+1 capacity. I know they are a double stack unlike the original 1911's so it will be much wider than my springfield. Does anyone own one of these? opinions? This will not be a conceal carry gun, more of a home defense/range gun.

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    I own one, and a Springfield. They are quite a bit wider. I have relatively small hands and while it is a pleasure to shoot, the mag release and safety are a problem as opposed to shooting the Springfield.

    It does shoot every bit as good and mine is a small bit more accurate than the Springfield.


  4. Iown one of these. I love it. Great looking/great performing gun. I've also got a taurus single stack, which I owned first and still love. However it takes a back seat to the para now. I've only found one place that sells custom grips for the paras. I've shot a couple colt, and springfield 1911's. I have a buddy that has a kimber and after shooting my para he offered to trade me his kimber. I've never shot the kimber, so I can't speak for the comparison. But they are solid guns....and as you said, not a practical choice for concealed carry. But I use mine for travel carry in my truck and for home security. Great great guns.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Looks like I am buying a new gun!

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    Para 1911s are hit or miss. Mine was an expensive single shot pistol. I spent $400 in custom work to make it function. Occasionally, someone gets one that works fine out of the box.

    Para's customer service is TERRIBLE!

    I am planning to turn my Big Hawg into a range only gun, and get a Glock 21SF for a carry gun.


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    Maybe it's just like any other gun, every once in a while you get a bad one out of the box. I have never heard of a bad one for all the folks I know who have had one.

    Getting a bad one of anything can turn you against that type gun.

    I had a bad Colt Commander once but I got over it:):)


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    Para, as a company has had some SERIOUS QC troubles. The move from Canada to the USA hasn't helped.

    Pull up some forums discussing this and you can get an idea of the magnitude of the problems.

    I like their innovation, but the work still leaves something to be desired.


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    I have the Hawg 9, a double stack 9mm. It is a great compact 1911, but like Keykutter stated it isn't for people with small hands due to the large grips required for the double stack.

    One thing about Paras, there is a breakin period, usually 300 rounds that must be followed if you want to enjoy your new purchase. In the breakin period you will experience a lot of jamming. These guns must be cleaned and well oiled/lubed to function properly.

    I purchased mine for CCW. But the double stack grips were two much of a problem for my small hands. So I switched to the SA EMP 9mm.

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    Own a para P-13, grips are a little wide but have had no function problems, have heard service is terrible but gunsmith most of my onw guns.

  11. I have the Para LDA .45acp it's been 100% good, also I two Kimbers a 3" ULTRA Carry IIwith the old external extractor .45acp and a 5" Custom TLE II .45acp both have been 100% no problems.
    The smaller LDA fits my needs better then many other handguns, I would give the size and weight of the handgun a lot of thought. But Para makes quality firearms.

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