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    Not to dispute anyone else's opinion, just to add to the coversation, you have to wonder, well I don't, why the SEAL's use a Sig P226 as their side arm of choice if it is not built well and does function flawlessly.

    I have had some of my Sig's long before I knew the SEALS's used them and I really like mine, especially the P226, P228 and the P229. I think they are designed well and really like the functionality..

    Biased? Me? Absolutely:):):) To each his own, right?

    Now, just to be fair, I also own a Sprinfield 1911A1, a couple of Glocks and am about to spring for a Kimber Raptor Ultra.

    Maybe it's just hard for me to dis any gun, unless I know it gets under somebody's skin:):)


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    Buy a Glock instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
    Really? Anyone have a reference for this, please?
    p250 fails atf test - Google Search

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  5. The only SIG P250 I've shot belongs to a buddy. For a .45 Auto, it's nice and compact. I rather enjoyed shooting it; feels good in the hand. He really likes it. We had no reliability issues, but as I recall we were shooting only ball ammo. My wife is more of a revolver shooter; she's only dry fired it. She liked the trigger and thought it felt pretty natural to her. She also likes our Springfield XD/M better than she likes the Springfield Trophy Match. Different strokes. At least they're both .45 Autos.

    No gun is 100%. Make sure the one you get is at least 99½% reliable (200 rounds fired with no problems) with the ammo you will carry. Any auto can fall prey to bad magazines. As always, proceed with caution.

    DAO is not my thing, but based on my limited exposure, I'd say that if you like DAO, try one. I'm a 1911 fan myself. But then I have a very good bud who loves his SIGP220 and packs it contantly (hmm.... seems my closest friends are .45 fans.. wonder if this means anything..)
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    Ok, you want our opinions... My opinion is that if you want to get the gun, get it. There may be many other models that are more reliable, but hey, it's your choice!

    As for me, ugly and trustworthy trumps pretty and finicky.
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    I have one of the old, original design P250C's in 9mm. It has a long DAO trigger pull, but smooth as glass. It is just plain scary accurate. I purchased a 9mm SubCompact x-change kit, and do not shoot it as well as the regular compact model. I have never had a single failure of any kind. I seldom carry it any more due to the fact that I got "bit" by the 1911 bug, and have had a serious infection ever since.

  8. I just like Ruger and the way they Design Engineer build and test their firearms. Not implying there is anything wrong with how Sig does the same things. I just lean towards Ruger in this question.

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    Yes it has a lot to due with what you can handle , but I think the main thing is how it fits in your hand and the rest will fall into place !

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    I have several Sig P220's. They're great, I'd pass on the P250. You might look at the Sig P290.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SGB View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
    Really? Anyone have a reference for this, please?
    p250 fails atf test - Google Search
    Thanks, SGB! Appreciate it.

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