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Thread: Have you heard of this one yet? Barretta's Nano 9mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
    At 05:41 in the video, he states it has a MSRP of $475. Where did you get the $945?
    If you look up there again, you'll notice i quoted a statement about a Boberg XR9, and mentioned it was expensive in a round-a-bout way. He then commented on my comment about the Boberg and gave the MSRP for it, he was not discussing the Nano price. ;-) Pay attention kids!
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    Yeah it would net to be price around the Kahr Cm9. Because it's ugly and you need a tool to field strip. Even if it's coin. I like that the sights come of easy but I already have sight tool. If it more reliable than the Cm9 it's mine. :)

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