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Thread: Diamondback DB9 - Very Small 9mm Pistol

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    I have a DB9. It sat at my gunsmith's bench longer than at my house.

    Walking pins: They sent out a fix.
    Chipped feed ramp: No interference with operation.
    Cracked frame: sent it to them and they sent me a new frame.

    However, I cannot tolerate a Semiauto with poorly designed magazines that tend to weaken over a short period of time and that are not reliable. I had 3 different magazines. None were reliable. It does not lock back.

    The gun shot fine, as long as it could feed or not have a FTE. Accuracy to 15 yards was no issue. It can be punishing to shoot. It is not supposed to use +P and it won't feed anything bigger than 125 grains.

    It looks like a Glock. It is not.


    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    I love my DB380, I thought I was having a problem until I read the book, when you empty clip you have to rack slide to reset the firing pin, otherwise you will have problems. Since I figured this out No fail to feeds or any other problems, very comfortable carrying this little gun!

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