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  1. 1911 compare question

    The Springfield 1911 A1 Range Officer or the Ruger SR 1911. One will be my next weapon. Just looking for facts and experience with these two ONLY! No plastics or polymers. No rants please.

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    I can only speak about the Ruger 1911,I purchased one in Sept 2011 Too date Great Firearm,No problems

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    Both are good choices

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    Anytime you buy a 1911 you must test it with the Ammo. you intend on using. Even the 1911s of the same Mfg. and type can preform differently. So asking about what of the two 1911s you planned on buying is really not going to get much more then what each person posting a reply feels about them.

    I have a Kimber Custom TLEII .45acp, I shoot it many times at range it can go many rounds without a hitch, then it can fail to feed with one rd hitting another in battery.

    Is it a Ammo. or Mag. or me just limp wristing problem? You just have to try finding the answers to any 1911 problem you may encounter.

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