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    I have a series 70 with a commander slide. It also has a two piece guide rod. I can't get the bushing or the plug out. Any ideas? Those are the only two pieces that are keeping me from field stripping it. Also, is it possible to put a 5" slide on so I have options on length?

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    Let the muzzel of the slide/barrel sit in a can of Penetrating oil and use a bushing wrench after a couple of days.


  4. Sad part is I don't have a bushing wrench anymore. I've had three 1911's in the past buy never kept a wrench.

  5. But yeah, thanks, didn't think of using penetrating oil.

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    Try this, you could use a big pair of Channelocks or do it the right way.:-)

    1911 bushing wrench | eBay


  7. Thanks again. I'll have to see if a buddy of mine has a wrench. Know anything about dropping a gi slide onto it?

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    After clearing the weapon, pull the hammer back, push in the recoil spring plug, turn the bushing to the left, remove the plug and spring, turn the bushing to the right and remove. Pull the slide back to the disassembly notch and remove the slide stop. Slide pulls forward off the rails.
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  9. Fudo, has a 2 piece guide rod. The end is an Allen wrench that gets screwed out. With that out and spring out, bushing still won't turn. I know which way, have have 3 1911's in the past.

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