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Thread: Best 1911? Baer/Wilson/Rock River etc

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    I don't own a 1911 but it's on my "list". Check out They have a Sig 1911 XO Stainless for $599.00. This isn't a misprint; I checked it out before I posted this.
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    I have an Ed Brown Kobra. I saved up over a year for it. It is very reliable - never a misfeed in over 3000 rounds. Really a sweet and dependable weaopn. It is my primary carry.
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    Your choice will really depend on your use. Personally I like the 1911, but I carry the commander size 4 to 4.25" barrel. I have Les Baer, Wilson, Springfield, and Ed Brown, with a Kimber Pro Carry on the way. My 2 Ed Browns are Exec. Elite and Kobra Carry. The reason I said depends on your use is partly to do with cost. If you ever have to use your concealed carry, it will be confiscated for some time. It will sit in evidence, unoiled, etc. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a less expensive, but perfectly reliable gun sit, than a 2K gun sit. For IDPA, safe queen, or target range all the bells and whistles are fine.....but to carry that much around is tough. Personlly, I've been carrying my Kobra Carry (ED Brown), for several years, until someone pointed out this legal hassle, so I'm carrying the lighter, easier to conceal Kimber Pro Carry. Lots to think about.
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    I have a full size Kimber Gold Combat Stainless that I bought for my very first pistol when I turned 21. I bought it new for a little over $1000 and then I had about $500 worth of extra work done to it through the Kimber shop. It has stainless frame, slide, barrel, and bushing, which was important to me at the time, as this was my first CC gun. It has checking on just about every surface. Every lever is ambidexterous. Mag well was worked. There was also a melt of all the edges for carry. Trigger was done(3lbs). I've put THOUSANDS of rounds through this gun and I've never had the slightest of hiccups with it. I've heard from some people that they've had problems with their high-end Kimbers shooting lower-end ammo, but I have experienced nothing of the sort. After a 1000 round break in period, I can't think of any jams or failure to feeds that I can remember. I retired mine so I could carry something smaller(Springfield Armory Micro Compact 45), but I must say that my Kimber is still the best firearm that I own, hands down.....

  6. Ditto 2 Kimbers 100% Para p14 also 100% they eat anything .The para will not take anything down loaded because of heavt springs. It is on a whole food diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    I never thought about purchasing a 1911 until I heard about STI giving the finger to the state of CA. I'll fully support a company that's willing to put it all on the line to support my 2A rights. I got my STI Edge a few days ago. I've shot about 500 rounds through it and I really like it. Thought the price was kind of high, but once I got the gun in hand and did some shooting, I understand the cost factor. One of my buddies tried to convince me that his Kimber is "the same". After shooting both guns, we both agree that there's no comparison.


    Nice to hear about the STI Edge, I'm looking at purchasing a STI Ranger II in 40S/W. I agree the price is high, but I wanted something different and it has been hard to find a 1911 single stack in 40 caliber.
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