Best 1911? Baer/Wilson/Rock River etc
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Thread: Best 1911? Baer/Wilson/Rock River etc

  1. Best 1911? Baer/Wilson/Rock River etc

    I need some input as to a new 1911. I've considered most of the ones out there and have pretty much settled on a Les Baer. It seems to me to be the best combination of price and quality. I think Wilson is rapidly pricing themselves out of the "semi-custom" market. I looked at a CQB a few years ago for $1800 now the same gun is about $2500 or more.
    I'm figuring to spend about $2000. This will be my once in a lifetime treat. I'm sure there are some Baer owners out there who can give me an idea if it's really worth it. Should I look somewhere else. Should I try to customize my old 1911 I've currently got. Although it's actually pretty trick. All Wilson tool steel internals etc. But that's another story for another day.
    I'd like to hear from you Rock River guys too. And anyone else with 1911s in this range.

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    Shows what I know about 1911, I didn't realize RRA made them. I'm sure someone here can help you but I've never owned a 1911.

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    I'm not sure where the line of diminishing returns is for 1911's. I'm sure once you go over a certain price point, you start paying a lot more money without gaining much of an advantage over the other brands. $2000 might be a good number. I've heard great things about each of the brands that you've mentioned as well as Nighthawk Custom and Ed Brown. I don't know if they are that much better than the $1200 or less offerings from Kimber, Para, STI or Sig. I think you will also get a lot of biased opinions from other gun owners on this subject. Since most people can only afford or justify having one of these pistols , and since they are all excellent, they will think that whatever brand they bought is the best.

    Tough decision, but what a fun position to be in.

    Good luck.

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    You would be happy with a STI.

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    Isn't STI the company that's pulling out of business in CA, in protest to the increasingly common gun restrictions?

    If that's the case, STI might be the company that I'd start with.
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  7. I have owned a Wilson Protector for several years and love it. Best handgun in my safe in my opinion.

    Just my 2 cents worth...
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    Certainly nothing wrong with a Les Bear. I have Springfields, Kimbers, Colts adn others. My top quality 1911's are an Ed Brown Executive Elite and a Springfield Custom Shop full-size. Both ran at about your limit. I am extremely please with them both, but equally would agree that many of the current production semi-custom/production products are very good.

    Just my $.02 worth.


  9. Take a look at Springfield Loaded TRP. All be it not a true custom gun. I think it would be worth looking at then put the money saved into ammo and mags. I love my SS Loaded Champion. My next may be the TRP. I do not think that i can get my dear Wife to allow my sepnding the money for the Wilson that I want. There's my 2 cents for ya. Have fun deciding.

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    I never thought about purchasing a 1911 until I heard about STI giving the finger to the state of CA. I'll fully support a company that's willing to put it all on the line to support my 2A rights. I got my STI Edge a few days ago. I've shot about 500 rounds through it and I really like it. Thought the price was kind of high, but once I got the gun in hand and did some shooting, I understand the cost factor. One of my buddies tried to convince me that his Kimber is "the same". After shooting both guns, we both agree that there's no comparison.

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    In the 1911 market you really can't go wrong it depends on your bankroll. I don't have that kind of money to plop down on one of the high end 1911's out on the market. I currently have a taurus pt1911 5" brl with ambi safety which I purchased several months ago and with the firearm came with 2 mags and a set of rosewood grips on the gun with black plastic grips in the case. I also purchased 4 Chip McCormick mags and a bladetec Iwb holster and spent under$700.00
    If I had the money to spend I would get one of the STI 1911's just because of their stance with not doing business in the " republic of California ".

    Good luck !!!

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