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    Sig 1911-22

    Been debating buying a Sig 1911-22 for training. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with this gun.
    On another forum, it seems about 50-50 pro & con.
    I'm a re-born fan/user of 1911's & I thought it would be a cheap alternative training tool.
    Sig is a brand that I would not usually hesitate to buy, but I have heard that this is a GSG 1911 with a different upper/slide assembly, & the reviews I've read about the GSG have not been all that positive.
    Any feedback will be great.

  3. My brother~in~law, own's a browning 1911 "22 $503 from and i put around 275~300 shells through it. now these were the cheap$2.89 50 count boxe's and not one of those remington shells misfired or hung up. there is no plastic in the slide and nice 5.5" barrell leves your hand untired.

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    I don't know about the Sig 1911 but I do have a Sig 226 with slides in 22, 9, and 40. They all run like a Champ with ZERO Malfunctions.

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