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  1. Walter PPK Misfire/Jam

    I'm a Utah CC holder and used the Walter PPK .380 as my weapon of choice for a short period of time. It seems that everytime I would go to the range the PPK would jam within a few rounds of being fired. I tried numbeous mags and tried various brands of ammo but nothing seems to help. Some time I can fire a complete mag without a jam but more times than not, after one or two rounds, the third or fourthround would load incorrectly in the chamber. As usual, eject the mag, pull the slide back and allow the jam to fall out. This is not a good method for self defense. Unfortunately, only because of its weight, I've gone back to my tried and true Springfield 1911 mid-size.

    Does anyone else have this problem with the Walter .380.


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    Did you buy it new? We dont have a PPK, but have the PK380 and it runs like a champ. If its new I would call Walther and see what they can do for you. Is the ramp burred or rough? Possibly polish?

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    Just because it bothered me when I first saw the post on Twitter, I'm sure you mean Walther, not Walter.

  5. My PPK would only function with ball ammo when it was new (1991) because it had too much of a threshold between the ramp and the throat. It would not feed just like you described. Walther told me that it was only guarantied to fire Ball/FMJ and were of no help. I had to take it to a gunsmith and have it tuned up. Now it fires every type of bullet I have perfectly. Perhaps things have changed over the past 20 years at Walther and they will "repair" it und the warranty now. I suggest you contact them and tell them you can't count on it.

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    My PPK/S did the same thing I sent it back to Walther/Smith&Wesson and they replaced the slide. Works like a champ now.

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    Yup my PPK was a pickey eater. Find what it likes it worked good

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