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    This is more of just a personal statement, but I welcome any personal experiences you've had with these handguns. So as many of you know, and some don't I am a big 1911 fan, so I finally decided to drop the cash on a very well made .45 1911. I bought an Ed Brown Kobra Carry SS. The gun is just flawless, amazing milling and quality. I looked at several mfg of high end 1911's and the Ed Brows are just flawless. I looked at the Wilson Combat's and Les Baer's but in the end I picked this gun. The bobtail is really great for CC and just feels really smooth when fired.It is balanced perfectly.So that's it , thanks for listening it's hard to brag about a new gun to just anyone so I brag to my girlfriend,friends and my friends here ;)

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    Own one of each of the builders you named, also colt, personal favoriate is my colt highly remodeled by myself and friend gunsmith, do love the feel of the Ed Brown as second choice, my son now uses for CC. Sweet shooting, smooth and as noted well fitted. Good choice enjoy.

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    Nice choice, carry a Springfield Professional myself.

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    I'm jealous!


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