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  1. Sig pro sp2022

    Looking at picking up one of these. Anyone had any experience with one of these?

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    the SP2022 is a very good polymer sig... I have it and it works fine. I also have the P250
    also works fine. kinda big for me for CCW, but it is my car gun.

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    Get yourself a Glock instead.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Going to pick up the sig. The glocks are nice but the sig felt better in hand.

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    It's a very good pistol. I have the predecessor, SP2340 in 357 sig. Feels great, shoots straight.
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    I have the 9mm Sig Pro SP2022 and it is the bomb! Fit, finish are great! Mine already has over two hundred fifty rounds through it. I am going to put another hundred fifty through it tomorrow! Great shooter great accuracy right out of the box!
    I traded a Glock 17 3G, used.... for a NIB Sig Pro. Worthy of trade!

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    Figures...its not PRMA compliant. Looks like a nice firearm. I have never met a SIG I didn't like. keep us posted if you get one

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    Just curious, I know I want to get myself a SIG 2022, but I was curious if there was anyone who does concealed carry with it.

    The first thing is, I know I'd like to use the gun for a lot of roles for range shooting, ccw, and home defense. I would like to be able to get the threaded barrel version of the firearm, but I'm unsure if that wouldn't be a good idea for a CCW.

    Obviously, I wouldn't use a supressor for the ccw role, but it would be fun on the range if I ever get a supressor for it. (I'd kick myself if I didn't get it and needed it later)

    So, my question is, should I get it in a threaded barrel version, or will it hinder my conceal carry capabilities?

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    This thread isn't too terribly old.

    Hopefully no one minds. :P

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    Anybody at all have any idea about what I'm asking?

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