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Thread: Paddle or Belt?

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    I prefer a paddle holster for easy use.

  3. I like the paddle holster better. Easier to put on and take off when leaving the house and coming in. The "catches" on the paddle do a great job of keeping the holster on your belt unless you push the paddle towards your body to disengage the "catches" (don't know how else to describe them). If you loosen your belt such as going to the restroom - the holster stays put on your waistband and doesn't flop loose.
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    I like both, but when carrying my 1911 I prefer, my paddle Holster

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    I like the Fobus holster for comfort and ease of use, I wear mine at the 5 O'clock position when I wear the Fobus. It conceals my G23 very well under a loose T Shirt. The Belt holsters I have toyed with have been a bit bulky, However I am a IWB guy. I think the issue between the two is Gun Retention, Using a SERPA on the belt your gun is as safe as it can be, no worries about having it snatched. The Fobus has good retention as it has an adj.tension screw. Trial and error is what we go through to find what works best for each of us. It also depends on how much you are willing to give up in comfort to protect yourself and family.

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    I also have a Blackhawk Serpa with both belt and paddle attachments. I originally liked the idea of the paddle, specifically for the convenience of frequently removing it. However, I found that it was even more difficult to remove than the belt attachment. In order to get the “hooks” on the paddle to let go, I had to undo my pants and reach inside my waistband and pull the paddle away from the waistband of my pants. I had this problem with both jeans and Dockers. I ended going back to the belt attachment where I still had to undo my belt, and take it half way off, but at least I did not have to undo my pants.

    If anybody is familiar with the difficulty I had with the paddle, and has a way to alleviate it while still having a paddle that holds the holster securely in your waistband, please let me know.

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