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    I'm a regular Gold member until July, I will not renew and don't recommend USCCA to anyone. Its a money making SCAM!

  3. Most home owners already have 350K in civil and criminal defense in their "Home Owners" policy and don't even know it. An attorney's magic # is 350. I bumped mine up to a million for defense coverage. My policy went up $42.00 a year. I have Farmers Insurance. Call your agent. Hopefully you all still have an agent where you live and not some company that forwards your call to India.

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    I cancelled them some time ago because I got sick and tired of them always hounding me, through their ads, to buy more, more, and even more. Most of the forums in the net are equal to or better than theirs anyway.

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    They're a bunch of clowns. I get numerous emails from them on a daily basis. I often have a little chuckle as many of them are over the top and totally pointless. Seems like the group is doing more harm then help for the firearms community.
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    I used to have a USCCA membership, didn't find the value worth the dues...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike45 View Post
    I haven't been to USA for a long time, came back today to research the question of shooting insurance. Let me correct some mis-info about the Self-Defense Shield. It is NOT like auto insurance. If you have an auto accident, your auto insurance will provide you with a lawyer to defend you, at their expense, whether you win or lose. If you are involved in a shooting, USCCA Self-Defense Shield will NOT defend you. Their websight clearly states that the Self-Defense Shield will REIMBURSE you for your legal defense expenses FOLLOWING YOUR ACQUITAL. So, you still have to scrape together $100K or more to defend yourself, you still have to pay the lawyers and the expert witnesses. ONLY AFTER (AND IF) YOU WIN does Self-Defense Shield step forward. This is why I am looking for an alternative to the Self-Defense Shield.
    Hi Mike, You might check out the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network there is a link in my signature line. I won't list all the benefits but they are available on their site. I have no financial interest in this company. I am happy with the cost and they have increased the benefits since I joined without additional costs.
    Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund

  8. Usccs

    Doesn't figure when one state went up 210 per cent in Shall Issue and other states did too. I can only image what Wisconsin did on conceal weapon permits after Nov. Now there are 1000 more firearm owner, the lawyers with USCCA came up let's rake in the money. Now to be a member we charge to upgrade everyone to one level. Forget what we stand for and our purpose, let's make money. I will no longer have a membership, three of my friends aren't renewing either. I will not miss all the emails. Good luck USSCA without us.

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    Good luck getting the e-mails to stop. I had to discard the e-mail address they have and get a new one!
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    The wife and I cancelled ours!

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    I was a member until I found this site. Decided I would rather be here and didn't renew.
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