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    what is it with the discontinuing of the current subsrciptions have anyone heard!

  3. The are getting rid of the subscriptions that do not include Self Defense Shield (SDS).
    People that have Silver, Gold, or Platinum memberships must upgrade to PLUS memberships when their subscription expires.
    I'm not a lawyer so take it for what it's worth. For legal advice ask a lawyer.
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    That really sux. The magazine is great, I'm going to miss it.

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    I had asked hubby to cancel our subscription uscca a few weeks back. I am glad he complied.
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    I've been a member of USCCA for 3 years now, over the past year they have Introduced the Defense Shield which gives you Attorney, and Court Fees if you are ever Involved in an Self Defense Shooting.

    Which in itself is not a bad Idea. What I'm not happy with, Is at The time of your renewal of your membership they are forcing you to sign up for Defense Shield, Which is included in your membership Fees.

    USCCA used to have three levels of membership which they still have, but the fees have jumped threw the roof. You can no longer just be an regular member. I used to enjoy being a member until all the Properganda Started.

    They are no longer about 2nd Amendment
    Issues as thier primary concern, but have changed thier agenda to making money off members.

    I will not be renewing my membership, and have emailed several customer service employees, which I have not received any answers to my questions on why they are doing this. The founder of USCCA Tim preached about family, and the importantence of keeping you, and your family safe.Now it's about making money off CCW'ers for his gain. Defense Shield insurance is like Auto Insurance it's there if you need it, but if you dont need it, and (hopefully never will)
    The money keeps growing for USCCA.

    I can't see paying USCCA any more money, than I already have. There are about 6 friends of mine that are leaving, or already have because of their new Agenda.

    Making $$$ thats why Im here at USACARRY where you can just be a Member, and Luke doesn't ask for your money. To stay a member.

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    Thank you guys my sentiments exactly trophyhunter thats right on

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    Their story is that their lawyers told them that offering Insurance to some members and not others would increase their legal exposure. Personally I don't care if I'm a member or not, just sell me a magazine subscription, why would that be a problem? I think their lawyers are telling them what they want to hear. "Force your subsribers into buying your insurance so you can make more money." After cancelling the emails because of all the "end of the economy" scams and the spam from Self Defense Shield this doesn't surprise me at all. I will miss the magazine because that is the only "member benefit" that was worth anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alduane View Post
    I will miss the magazine because that is the only "member benefit" that was worth anything.
    +1 That's the only reason I kept my membership for a year but the other pan-handling got to be too much so I said bye-bye- appears there are more and more folks doing the same.

  10. I haven't been to USA for a long time, came back today to research the question of shooting insurance. Let me correct some mis-info about the Self-Defense Shield. It is NOT like auto insurance. If you have an auto accident, your auto insurance will provide you with a lawyer to defend you, at their expense, whether you win or lose. If you are involved in a shooting, USCCA Self-Defense Shield will NOT defend you. Their websight clearly states that the Self-Defense Shield will REIMBURSE you for your legal defense expenses FOLLOWING YOUR ACQUITAL. So, you still have to scrape together $100K or more to defend yourself, you still have to pay the lawyers and the expert witnesses. ONLY AFTER (AND IF) YOU WIN does Self-Defense Shield step forward. This is why I am looking for an alternative to the Self-Defense Shield.

  11. Me too!I was really pleased with the magazine, but don't like being pressured to upgrade.

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