Regent Arms/Umarex USA 1911...
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Thread: Regent Arms/Umarex USA 1911...

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    Regent Arms/Umarex USA 1911...

    Anyone own one? your thoughts? I did a search under Regent Arms , but got a gazillion different thread responses that were not even related (?)...

    CDNN Sports in TX has the basic, no frills GI model for $346 IIRC, and according to Umarex USA the SS Combat version is only supposed to be about $100 more (SS finish, 3 dot Novak sights, ambi thumb safety, extended beavertail grip safety, lowered ejection port, adjustable skeletonized trigger)...

    Anyone here have one they can comment about, I'd like to get some feedback...

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    never even heard of them, IMO id go with somthing of better quality, remington has a new 1911 that wont break the bank i think its around $800, a far cry for the ones im seeing at or over $1200 or more.

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    I just purchased the new Rem R1 at a local gun show for $599. I know some here will want you to buy something alot more $$$, but I'm impressed with this gun & would recommend it to you. I do carry it from time to time, but I got it for shooting paper & it is very accurate, & fun to shoot.

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