Own a G23. Worth getting a G27?
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Thread: Own a G23. Worth getting a G27?

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    Own a G23. Worth getting a G27?

    As I live in the "great" state of Illinois, I don't have much experience in concealed firearms. Now that Wisconsin has moved in the right direction, I'm finally going to have the chance to exercise my rights. With that said, I apologize for the lack of knowledge I have here. I have a Glock 23 but am concerned with how it will conceal. I have an opportunity to get a Glock 27 at a decent price but don't know if it is worth it. For those of you who have experience carrying both,is there a big difference between how the 23 and 27 carry/print? If there is no substantial difference, do you have any recommendations as to others that will work better when wearing lighter clothing? Any help is appreciated.

  3. Need to shoot them both and see how you like the grip. 23's grip length is longer then the 27. Both 40's so power is good. Concealing depends on lots of variables such as holster, clothing, season, etc. I went with the 23 for the handling of the gun and I can easily carry and conceal it without any problem. I also have a 22 as well and it works with all of my holsters. I also recently bought an ankle holster for the 23 and it works good as well. Good luck.

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    I have and carry a G19 which is the same in every respect as the G23 except caliber. I live in the Florida Keys and haven't had too much of a problem concealing it.

  5. Grip was way to short on the 27. I carry MY 23 and only the 23. I weigh 150lbs and have no problem concealing it. Gotta get a real good IWB holster. I love my Galco!!

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    It's ~ 3/4 long and taller G23 vs G27. Go grip the G27 it is smaller if you can grip it it maybe better? If you find the G23 a bit hard to concel then IMO the G27 is worth it. Most likely any other small gun is going to be hard to grip. To me the fat handle makes it easier to grip. Go rent one or hold one in the store. Only you can decide. I have both and carry the G23 in winter and G27 in summer or if I'm inside light clothes I carry the G27. Some times a 380 instead. The best part it's an excuse to buy another gun if you have the ca$h :f

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    What CC permit will you use to carry in Wisconsin ? Illinois doesn't have CC, and at the moment Wisconsin doesn't honor Ill.

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    I have a G36 gen4. I don't have any issues with the recoil, but it is only a 6+1. That being said I would certainly hope that I could bring any situation I am in to an end with 7 .45 rounds. The gun hides great in a IWB...It usually rides @2 o'clock in a Kholster

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    I'm 150lbs 5'7 and can conceal my g23 in summer garb. All it took was the right holster. Supertuck.

    Bought the g23 before I knew I loved it. Best gun I've owned. Almost traded for the 27 and then realized they are about the same size concealed. Go 23. U will love it. Gen 3.

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    I wouldnt waste your money on a gun that is only half an inch shorter in length and nearly one inch shorter in height. I can effectively conceal my full size G22. If you buy a good holster and wear appropriate clothing you can easily conceal your midsize 23.

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    Get the G27, and while you're at it get a Keltec Sub-2000 that can take the same G23 magazines.

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