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    Paper clip end is perfect field expedient for the "key"..... minor inconvenience.

    Hopefully no one was griping about needing that "tool" for the field stripping because it needs to be done rapidly and easily, if necessary, in a combat situation.

    Got some bad news for you, if you are required to field strip your weapon in the middle of a firefight.... chances are you are irrevocably SCREWED! Tool needed or not.

    In short, if your primary gets baulky, you had better hope you have a BUG rather than a take down tool.

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    I just traded my LC9 for a Glock 26 gen4 today. I am left handed so Glocks tend to suit me better. I really didn't give the LC9 a fair tryout. I had only shot it about 20 times, just didn't like the saftey on this Ruger, I do have a Ruger SR9 that I like alot. Although I only shot the LC9 about 20 times, I did have a couple of FTE, it might just be that I didn't break it in enough.
    I can't wait to take the Glock out to shoot. Right now my Concealed Carry pistol is a Glock 36 45acp, I am looking to make the Glock 26 g4 my future concealed carry pistol. I use a wilderness holster for the glock 36, it actually looks like a holder for a CD player.

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