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Thread: Preferred Carry Ammo?

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    carry ammo

    i currently carry speer gold dot and remington golden saber +p and i do find them both to be very good and reliable

  3. Carry Ammo .45

    The Federal HST ammo is great. I keep in loaded in my kimber ultra carry. I have one mag of that, and one mag of Winchester Ranger Bonded Ammo. The bonded ammo is made for barriers, you never know when you may need it. both 230 GR and both shoot great. Check out this site, you cant go wrong.

    hope this helps. by the way, if you order from here-you will not be dissapointed. service is great!

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    I have been using Hornady Tap 230gr for my 45acp and 124gr for 9mm happy with both as far as accuracy goes and have seen some favorable test as far as penatration and expansion, seems to penatrate a little farther than most but expand a little less.
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    Was carrying Speer Gold Dots in the .357 (158gr). Currently with the Ruger P89 I'm carrying Remington 115gr JHP. That will change to Gold Dots once I can get to the range and verify functioning. I'm thinking of doing all Gold Dots and the last round Buffalo Bore +P+ as a signal the mag is empty.

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    Interesting...when I quoted someone in an entirely different disappears and posts on this bug...?
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