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Thread: Preferred Carry Ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CA CCWInstructor View Post
    Winchester Ranger "T" ,the new and improved stuff (5th gen). Federal HST is my next choice, if I didn't have cases of "T". HST replaced hydra-shok.
    +1 On the Ranger T

    spc :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
    Media hype/demonizing as "cop killer" bullets. No truth to it.

    Effective JHP design that got bad rap because of name.

    Winchester still makes them, but they are now called SXT and are no longer black.

    Sounds like the same media rumours I also heard.

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    Question What REALLY is the difference ?

    I know everybody has a preference on thier ammo that they carry with. The purpose of this question is not to get into a "my daddy can beat up your daddy !" arguement. The purpose of my question is to try and find out why people carry what they do. I understand that every company has done extensive testing with thier ammunition. I, for one have no means of testing my ammo, unless I tape a few phone books together, and fire different rounds into the bundle, and see what they look like in the end. I do not know how accurate that would be compared to the medium that the companies use. I also do not have the funds to purchase multiple varieties of ammunition to test fire them through my pistol, and see which one I prefer.

    I do not know if it is the correct train of thought, but if it is a quality self-defense ammunition, and I can fire a test mag through the pistol, keeping a formidable grouping, is that acceptable? I have used Hyrda-Shok, Winchester Personal Defense (wwb), and Speer in the past, mainly d/t what was available at the store at the time of purchase. They all seemed to shoot fine w/ me. After the dealing I had with the people at Speer, I think I shall stay with them until they prove otherwise.

    I am thankful that noone here in these forums has been in a situation needing the use of thier weapons, but have always wondered what thier justification was in choosing.

    It seems that all companies say that thiers is "the best" available for whatever reasons they claim. And, I believe that they all have thier strongpoints. But in the end, if it performs well for them (expansion, penetration ), does it REALLY matter to us? That is, unless some weapons are just more finniky than others. I know from experience that my S&W utterly HATED the CCI Blazers - the aluminum jammed it, but it would fire most others. I have not had the experience to fire as many rounds through my Glock, but am told, and have read that this beast will take just about anything I shove into it.

    In closing, I would like to thank you all for your patience. Your patience in my "newbie" questions, and patience for taking the time reading through my lengthy questions. Maybe Luke should move this into another section, and that is fine w/ me if he does. I just thought this post was appropriate.

    So, in short - "Premium is premium, is premium ?" Premium = dead bg ..... cheap/reload = target

    Respectfully, mot
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    It's true that to a certain extent, the configuration and quality of a cartridge is moot as long as the person using it is confident that it will at least function in their weapon, and they can precisely hit a vital spot.

    The reason for premium ammo is simply to enhance the afore-stated reliable function, and to produce a great enough effect upon impact that less-than-precise shot placement is slightly mitigated. There is a progression of diminishing returns on cost vs. projectile technology, but it has been studied to death, and the folks who depend on their weapons for a living, and can, do use premium ammo.

  6. I am thankful that noone here in these forums has been in a situation needing the use of thier weapons, but have always wondered what thier justification was in choosing.
    I've been in two "Armed Encounters". I choose my "personal" ammo based on writings by Evan Marshall, Massad Ayoob and what I can get my local "gun pusher" to order.

    I really like the Corbon stuff for a lot of calibers, but I've liked Corbon for years. By the way, I'm an LEO and was referring to my personal ammo for my personal guns.


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    I think that, from what I've read, bullet placement is a whole lot more important than bullet style. It's glib to say, but think about Bobby Kennedy: killed by a single .22 round to the head. Cheap little, probably non-expanding bullet to the exact right spot. Find something that makes you feel good, that works great in your sidearm, and that shoots exactly to point of aim, consistently, and go with it.
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    I cary a Thunder 360. I asked at the gun range what would be a good cary ammo. I was told that the differentce is one shot or three. Does that make any since???
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    I am one of those people that feel any hollow point ammo that functions well in your gun is fine. I have my 40's loaded with Speer gold dot. I have my 45 loaded with Remington UMC hollowpoints. I have personally never had any issue with any of the ammo I carry. I have seen online home studies of the Remington UMC and it expanded very nicely. I am sure there is some advantage in the expansion of defense ammo, but I personally just don't think it is significant. I have no proof to any of this, it is just my opinion. Please don't string me up :)

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  10. Youall look up box of truths .I posted the url here someplace. All of our points are correct but the amount of clothing might hinder hollow points . Answer double tap same hole.

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    Corbon PowRball. Best of both worlds. Round nose for those that may have feeding issues, round nose for initial penetration, (through clothing), then expanding the hollowpoint for energy dumping/wound channel.

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