Chiappa Rhino .357 mag!!
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Thread: Chiappa Rhino .357 mag!!

  1. Chiappa Rhino .357 mag!!

    Has anybody shot this gun? How does it feel, while shooting? How's the recoil react in comparison to a regular .357 mag?

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    Very strange gun indeed?

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    I've own this gun and it shoots fine. The recoil doesn't "feel" as strong on a normal .357 mag because of the recoil comes straight back and you don't get the muzzle flip that you do on a standard revolver. You do have to adjust your aim point a little to compensate for the the sights sitting higher on the muzzle.

  5. Is it hard to get used too?

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    No, it's not. A little practice and it's easy to adjust to.

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  8. I'd love to try this one but I can't find it for rent around here.

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    I love this gun. Recoil is not as bad as the other 357 mags I have. And the design is such that my wife does not take it from me when at the range( she believes it is funy looking). Firing from the bottom did take getting used to, but I still love this gun.
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    I love mine, no recoil and that's while shooting Hornady Tap 357 rounds. When shooting 38's in it its even milder. Cons are heavy trigger pull and no accessories for it.

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