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    I have CW9 and love it. I've only had problems with JHPs in Promag mags, so I'll only use mfr mags for that.

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    the .40 is not going to have as fast repeat hits as the 9, I guarantee it, not at more than powderburn distances, at least. that's quite a bit more recoil, guys. keltec gave up on their .40 caliber, remember? Not enough sales response, too many complaints about its recoil and beating up the little gun with that load.

  4. I buy reloaded fmj ammo from usaammo.com and seem to have feeding small feeding issues with the cm9. maybe one out of 20 fails to chamber. ammo works flawlessly in my fnx. but i carry hydroshoc ammo and that stuff feeds perfect in the cm9.

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